On such an afternoon as this all my dreams are possible, my flight unfettered, my journeys without end. 
I dive into the sea of hope and pray God I can stay here forever. Such is my desire to play with the pixies and the fairies, the walrus and the Giants. 

Staring back at shore I see her sat there, her thoughts lost to the flight of the afternoon breeze. I smile. What is life without knowing the love of another? 

Slight of light leads my gaze back to the boats so majestically lined as they wait for the sea to return. ‘What can I learn from you?’ I ask, their years of skipping on ocean waves setting them apart from any knowledge I could ever possess. 

Time waits. Years have come and gone in this place. Lives have come and gone as easily as the daily tides. That message alone is enough for me, the weight of it crushing my aching chest. 

I walk back to her, my feet sinking into the inking sand. She’s lost in conversation with a fellow traveler. It is enough. It is plenty.