A start almost always comes after an ending. Our house move follows decades of life that has seen us catapulted together and now at last into a house and village that feels like our home. There are, as I often write, no straight lines. 

I have now lived in 11 houses that were to some extent or another my refuge for awhile. Some people are born in their place of safety whilst others never find it at all. Such is the roll of life and it’s dice. 

I wonder if the vote on Thursday for those of us in the UK is also about home for both sides? For many their very homes feel threatened by the external forces they feel, never mind the arguments that right wing rhetoric has whipped up mis-truths. Ever was in an election of great importance. Liberties are taken and abused and people are dealt cruely by the hurt of deception. 

For me, Europe feels like my home. I know it’s a thousand miles away from perfect, but I believe in the free vote of Europe and hope we can vote firmly in favour of remain and then, crucially, that we take a leading role in the EU development. Far better to do this than our current mind set that seems to constantly find fault rather than joint solution. 

So many people do not get a choice of home. I feel immensely lucky to have this. I was brought up to ‘count my blessings’ and I believe I am at my best when I do so. Such a state of mind allows me to see a lesson even in a storm. 

To new beginnings then and the hope that they bring peace and happiness for many.