I’ve got a nasty cough that appears at night only. An exclusive cough if you will. Just when you think it is safe in slumberland, along comes this ridiculously raucous little cough that I can feel is an actual small tickle at the back of the throat. No one is laughing. The irony isn’t lost on me. Or CC who does a wonderful impression of someone being asleep whilst dealing with that age old feeling of ‘Grrrrrrrr!’

And I feel a little like this whilst reading the Sunday papers. An undertone of a nasty cough. There is a need to deal with it but it just won’t go away and it is affecting my sleep, all of our sleep.

Is it just me or does the smugness of our top politicians indicate they know something we do not. The French president and the US face elections and the general smugness in the face of politics never smelt as bad as it has done this weekend. The pretty wives (new models) are being wheeled out – those teeth – that hair – those bodies – and the capital machine that has been used for ages past now swings into full motion. It does not matter which political system we care to talk about because power is money and you get power by money. Same old same old and my wish is that someone of significance would help our nations out of this. Let us use technology to rid us of the richest race wins. I long for a street not paved with gold, but one adorned in fairness, in charity, in art and in education.

The medicine needs taking and i am afraid the cultures we live in seem unable / too lethargic to take it. A time is coming. That cough will go.

Have a fine day.


The story to this photo is on my blip foto page under my journal – smile like a rabbit. It makes me feel safer with my string friends to support me and a greater good that is out there.