Morning. I have a nasty cough (again) and it won’t go away. It is not being helped by MCC deciding she would like to wake up frequently and hence wake me up and hence wake my cough up. She has such power to say he is only 8 months old because she has the guilt factor (you can’t leave such a cutie crying) and the noise factor (what a cry) and the i’m awake factor (i’m awake – it’s 3 in the morning – what else am i going to do……. (knitting, dreaming of my dream dog, algebra, read the complete works of everyone who has them etc etc)

Anyway I guess the point is that my minor issues of sleep deprivation (though I swear it is ageing me) and the nasty cough (am drinking Buttercup cough mixture like it is tea) matter not one jot in the great scheme of things. It is just that this is my scheme and the only one I am in so perspective is required.

I read the Guardian and have been particularly amused to follow Steve Bell the cartoonist for many years now. His particular attention to Tony Blair in the later years and since has been a kind of beauty – and far more palatable to consider the hilarious than the facts. They make for too depressing a read. Politicians. How the hell. Reading the papers yesterday I was again in need of hilarity to deflect me from the gross stories in front of me. Where was the Bell master when I needed him? 

I think therefore that I am on the road to escapism. Should I? Should I venture down a road of non reality to not face the true depths of terror that so many face? Why should I have that luxury? But we do and we each deal with this in our own way. Some run, some write, some photograph, some cook, some drink, some box, some eat, some get stuck in a car for 3 hours after a party on Saturday night in the less than deep snow that arrived and once again paralysed the UK road system. Honestly we only saw one police car and one gritter. I see blips from across Scandinavia and they operate so freely in bad weather. Must grumble.

And so to today. It stretches before me even longer than normal with dear MCC getting me up at 5am. I have much to do, much to live for, much to intoxicate the soul. Just the small matter of managing to keep myself awake through the journey.

Have a fine day.