My new book is out today! It’s called ‘How to make a cool million in Potatoes’ and is based loosely on my experiences in farming gained during the 70’s when working as child labourer in Blidworth Bottoms. 

The thrust, that’s thrust, of the book is both the profit margin and the markets that potatoe cash can turn soil growth into real spondoolies in your bank account. Actually scrub bank account. This is a strictly cash only business. 

I highlight in my NEW BOOK the small market town of Spent by the Manor where I set up stall only last weekend at the Farmers Market wearing my Shunter wellies and trusty ‘Barber’ cap. Accompanied by Cyril, my right hand sheep, I told the posh folk all about the health qualities of my organic crop, some of which look dreamily / freakishly phallic. The good people of Spent lapped it up and spent bucket loads on my produce pocketing me a cool ten big ones in a day. 

These tricks of the trade are all in my book and available to you on line now! Priced at only £10.93p and with a free potatoe, this book could change your garden. 

Have the best of days,