Morning Glampers. I was wondering yesterday about knowledge intake and the ability of the world to take away so much of what we are and yet at the same time make us so much more than we could ever be! I wrote about it the other day too on this blog. The thoughts keep washing around my brain on constant spin. I really should change that cycle….

Anyhow, I turned blip on this morning and a fine blip friend, the finest in fact, had been doing similar musing in the night and I responded with the following:

‘morning. beautiful shot. beautiful piece. i was in meetings yesterday and Ben, my son who works with me at present (I shouldn’t really say at present as he intends to work for me forever, that is until he usurps me….) , was filling his time, waiting for me. Ben is 20 and very much of the new breed. His capacity to take in everything and nothing amazes me for its lack of the true attention I feel matters deserve. But then again…..

So, there we were, returning to base, when he tells me of his lost hour, of wandering around, taking in the view and thinking how much he was doing an impression of me, of what I would have done, and he had thought how much I would have enjoyed it.

You see I spend much time assuming the young are missing out when in fact maybe they are just catching up. Yes I know it is a sign of the time thing, they have adapted, but also they are younger and maybe maturity takes time too.

Either way it made me smile.


The human race continues to evolve and in 100 years what will it look like? How will the brain have adapted to the information society we live in? Can you imagine 100 years ago how society would have coped with the constant newsfeed we are on? That’s right – it couldn’t. People would have exploded! The adaption to what we live with has taken time. And we do adapt. However a huge  part of me craves for never having to have adapted at all. Is this the old part of my DNA hankering after old times or a more deeper and pressing need that needs me to change back? 

I guess that spin needs some more time to keep going around.