So Real Madrid win the Champions League with the last kick of the extra time penalties and half of Madrid celebrates whilst half wallow in despair. How close to life is this as you watch multi millionaires and Demigods be taken over by polar opposite emotions as before your eyes the lives of those in the fast lane mirror our own. The success of one is invariably at the expense of another and yet need it be this way? 

Life is full of this ying and yang. You turn the tap on and you lose water, you run and you lose energy, you find someone hiding and you rob them of their hiding place! It can seem that there is no positive result without a polar opposite negative!!

Five years ago I was listening to Lauren Laverne on her BBC6 show and she was interviewing s guy called Joe Tree. He was talking about a site called Blipfoto in which he described a community of people who posted a photo a day and adding it to the site with some narrative. I liked the sound of it. I’ve always loved taking photos and as many if you know, I love writing! Also Flora was just born & I thought what a perfect way this would be to record our life. I joined Blipfoto and loved it, making many contacts and indeed making new friends. My photography changed and improved and I would post short narrative, poems and even short stories. What I hadn’t realised was that the owners were struggling to make ends meet, so much so in fact that the site looked doomed. The ying and the yang. Soon we were all told the end was nigh but then something remarkable happened. The former owners and a few Blippers started talking and soon Blippers the world over were asked to contribute to keep the site alive. Amazingly it worked and the site was saved, not by big business with its need to advertise and take over, but by normal run of the mill people like you and me. We can be extraordinary can’t we. 

I believe that pain and suffering is all part of life. You see it on a football field of course and seeing Torres crying last night underlined that passion of the game. This paroxysm is what ignites a city like Madrid to inspire its people to live. I know it is easy to dismiss such passion as worthless but just look at the faces of the fans to see its impact. The result really mattered and the ecstasy and despair will live on for days, months and years. 

We see this pain though in far more meaningful places. The capsized boats full of refugees. The bomb blasted cities of a devastated country. The ravaged towns ruthlessly taken out by raging fires. We see it too in bereavement, in arguments, in loss, in someone falling down. 

And yet a flower rises, a baby is born, the sun rises and the perfume filled wind from the west still touches our souls. 

This is this thing we call life.