Evening all.

I saw an amazing article yesterday in the paper about one of the final ‘known’ lost tribes who are refusing to be discovered! A kindly fellow decided placing food at their perimeter fence would be a good idea. It wasn’t. A spear in his chest and he is now dead.

Imagine all you know is all you love and you just want to protect it and yet, as sure as eggs are eggs (as my dear mother would say) people will keep knocking on that door though next time they may do so with guns. I hate it – don’t you? The inevitable colonial nature of humans who have power. This tribe, hidden for centuries and no doubt longer, now find their photos being transported around the globe and all because they wished to be left alone. Is that such a crime? 

I was seething.

Escape is necessary.

So – I’m listening to the outstanding BBC6 and Mark Riley’s show. He’s now playing Thin Lizzy. What a voice, what a show, what a radio station. I implore you to listen to the amazing Cerys Matthews show on a Sunday morning. Fear not, she plays none of her own music. Rather she plays the most outstanding eclectic mix of world music. I just love it. I wonder what she would make of the lost tribes story? Suitably appalled no doubt.

It is this escape, this relaxing into the contours of my own mind, that keeps me sane. Music helps me enormously.

So, tonight I raise a glass to lost tribes. May you keep being able to do your thing.