Belly laughing. It’s the future.

This morning CC and I discussed wrestling. By accident the sports channel was ON from the previous day (Mighty Spurs go marching on) and that dreadful programme around Wrestling types was on. This made us whimsical as we both saw our grandparents loving the sport (really) and we reminisced around names such as ‘Giant Haystacks’ Big Daddy’ and ‘Motor Pants’ (I may have made the last one up), and we laughed and laughed. We then got on to the idea of wrestling ourselves (just for fun) (no cash prizes) and what we would wear. I would of course wear a tiger outfit and wrestle under the name of ‘Damn Dynamite’ and boy would I kick ass…….. The idea moved on to a tag team extravaganza and we agreed to discuss this in far more detail tonight as I had to go to work…… When I am a wrestling superstar this will be my work. I will sign autographs and sip on lager from a fancy straw with umbrellas and other tat before bouncing into the ring and pretending for an hour to hurt people. ‘Take that,’ I will declare loudly for the watching thousands, nay millions, ‘i’m Damn Dynamite!!!!!’

Have a wonderful week everyone. I hope to release the front cover of ‘OAH’ to you later this week. Further I have website news coming and a potential release schedule and a possible even launch party!

Appreciate my Friends overseas may struggle….

Maybe I could come over!