Good morning Campers!

Having read a lot this week of inventions to do harm and I suspect this is one reason why I have awoken this morning with the fine idea to create Laughing Pants (LP’s). This is my idea and I am going to float it by you now. I am happy if you run with the idea but would like you to copy me in on a few morsels of commissions should this idea make you a multi multi millionaire. Anyway, here it is. You get up one day feeling a little blue and despite your best efforts to rouse yourself with a breakfast of frostie overload and copious amounts of juice and banana’s, you still find yourself trudging to the wet room. Here you try your new seal shaped sponge to release some humour into your bathing but alas to no avail despite the happy looking seal being a surprisingly good source of huge bubbles that laugh and play around the shower room. 

You towel down spending extra time to try and titillate yourself into a slight smile but you find yourself getting to your pants drawer with the heaviness of a thousand bags still resting on your shoulders. It is then you remember the purchase you made for days such as this – the Laughing Pants!!! Placing them on slowly, carefully, you wait for the magic to happen and sure enough as the tremors of tickling take effect a slight smile begins at the corner of your mouth. As you walk to your wardrobe to find your outfit for the day, your Laughing Pants are now taking full effect and you are beginning to snigger. Clothes on and in your car you are now besides yourself, tears falling down your cheeks as each gear change causes an extraordinary rush of excitement from the Laughing Pant arena. 

Now tell me – would people buy this? I think they would. Today was going to be the day I re-decorated my lounge. I say re-decorated as the last time I did it I sadly made it look awful. So, today was going to be the day I corrected my error but now I say no to that! Today will be the day for Laughing Pant prototypes that I will try on our dinner guests tonight. At this stage I am assuming I will need to do gender versions and size versions so leave this with me. I will keep you posted. 

Finally if you build your own prototypes and things go well – little tips around feather placement maybe or velvet positioning – let me know. We can help the world here.

Have a fine day.

Laughing Pants are cool.

Way to go.