How’s it gone? Christmas, that is. Mine? Very nice, thanks for asking.

I sit here in my study, looking out on to a cold, dark lane, my red candle lights from inside my room reflecting on the window to my right and looking like some fabulous tree light sculpture. 

What do we know now, of us, in our time, our place? What have we learnt? How has this Christmas time impressed upon us a greater depth of this thing we call life? 

I’m listening to a playlist of my i-phone called ‘Come Down.’ CC lies asleep on the sofa in the lounge. MCC lies asleep in her cot upstairs. Ben is out with friends. 

I feel warm. Happy. 

My family were around tonight. Lovely to see them all, particularly the little people, all growing up in their own way. What other way is there?

‘Roscoe’ hits the speakers now as if on cue. Certainly in my top 3 of tunes ever. Seriously. It just hits the spot, you know? When something does that, does it so easily, so perfectly, so effortlessly, then it truly deserves to be in your top 3. It’s the tune doing me the favour, not the other way round.

And so here I sit; typing, thinking, knowing that I should really be in bed as MCC will wake up soon for a feed. I know that my cup is full. Around the corner I return to all I must return to, but for now, here, Boxing Day 2011, I am content.

It is enough.

Sweet dreams.