10 Albums that changed my life

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

My sixth choice. I’m not sure when I woke up to jazz. Maybe it was the Fast Show that prompted me to be curious? Maybe the TV series ‘Midnight Caller’ with its lazy trumpet jazz playing late into the night? Certainly when I was younger it’s hard to remember the lack of radio stations to ever find genres you could listen to. Thankfully we had great record shops that you could lose yourself in for hours and occasionally you would find gold.

I fell into this stunning record after hearing a track played late one night on radio. It’s perfect jazz. There’s only 5 pieces and it lasts just 45 minutes and it’s awesome.

I like the fact that jazz splits opinion. It gives it an edge. This record, recorded in 1959, is vanguard stuff. It summed up what had come and set the bar for what would follow. Hearing tunes like this in some of the great jazz venues such as Ronnie Scott’s is pretty perfect.

The tracks here are different too but all accessible. Listen late with your back door open and a glass of wine to hand.