My journey to get OAH ready continues with me this morning getting past halfway on the final check through. I say final….. Anyhow – this morning I was in Bourg, Bordeaux. Very nice it was too. Fine city. Fine river. Fine old prostitutes – I kid you not – we saw one and she was 65 at least. Passed her on the street you understand and she looked straight at me, pride riddled through her stare, no qualms whatsoever. The oldest career path in the world was there laid bare before me and I had nothing to judge because who made me judge and jury eh? Who made me the fount of all knowledge? Clearly I know nothing. Or at best, very little. Let’s go for very little just to make me feel slightly less stupid.

Anyway it was lovely being in Bourg again this morning in OAH, walking with Angus as he strolled into the Western village to get Fresh croissants. Angus astounded that there were real French people there, unable to get over the authenticity of if it all despite the fact he is actually there. The cuteness that is Angus, Robert’s best friend!

I have been asked by one of my fine blog readers to share with you the front cover for OAH – and I will. Just give me a few weeks. I was so touched to get this – it really is what I had seen in my minds eye for so long and then one day it was there before me on a fellow blippers site. Miraculous!

I had quite a bit of feedback on my last blog re lost tribes. Yes – quite a story and very thought provoking. Thankyou for your thoughts.

In other news CC and 2 pals and I went to watch Band of Skulls play with The Black Keys last night. It was a superb gig – and I mean superb. Full on rock your socks off – and yes I was wearing socks – with no pretentious vibe. The audience were super cool too. It was a fine evening and I leave you with the closing shot I got which I shall call for you ‘After the gig had ended.’

Have a fine day and an even finer weekend.

Much love!