Morning all. A wet morning here in the UK with the threat of storms later….. Today was going to be the day I wandered around Nottingham in the sun and bought a new jumper. Now – it’s not that day, it’s the day I snuggle in and veg!

Yesterday Earthdreamer, the blipper who kindly gave me the cover shot for OAH, published another beauty – a single tree that looked like a man with his arms flaying out to the world – and the net effect is i am in two minds about the cover. Exciting news eh! Well – it is news and I thought you should be the first to know of my quandary. I will weigh these things up this week and get back to ya!

In other OAH news I was speaking at length last night with my pal about the new web site which will be much more interactive with you and give you much more immediacy to what I am up to. It will give you the auto email connection many have asked about. It will all follow in the next 2 months along with the small matter of the publication of the book!

Finally on me news I have to tell you that sadly I have been unable to find pink socks. Those of you who follow my blip will know I love to wear them in my day job but my vast collection is slowly wearing through at the heels. I have had to start buying red socks. Where are the pink sock manufacturer’s?

Looking outside my blip today may need to be a wet one. The UK, having faced water meltdown, now faces water in ad infinitum and I can’t help but smile. I might even do a rain dance later. It is a fact of life that most things we think will come that will be so bad – never come. 

In final news a man looking soaked to the bone just walked up the street (it’s not even 7am) walking an empty wheel barrow at a snail’s pace. I have no idea why or where he is going. People really are fascinating are we not?

Have a fine Sunday – and get me some pink sock news.

Love and big wet kisses.