Morning all. May is here and with it the arrival of warmer days and precious blossom to light a thousand smiles.

Many years ago now I had the idea for a book. It was a small idea resting around Italy and Naples in particular and the idea sat there, germinated. A year or two later I had another idea. That of an outstretched hand reaching out of some freshly dug up earth in Derbyshire, many miles away from my original idea. Within a flash the ideas became attached, the glue set in my mind, and OAH was off and running. 

It is fair to say I am not as patient as I could be so the waiting between ideas before even starting the writing on OAH was, for me, quite extraordinary. I guess I know I simply didn’t have the structure to write around until the second idea came. I waited knowing somehow that connection would come.

A special person I know recently had some horrendous news and I was reminded when trying to piece her crap together in my own mind that journey’s and great importance, that is the real depth and special heights we can get to, rarely come easily. Along with joy and fulfilment come blood, sweat and tears and these are bedfellows rather than enemies. Holding on during the latter with all your might is the hardest part of life and when you see someone going through that, through the true depths, you can but send out hope. But there is hope. Always hope.

A moment in time is why I write. I guess it’s why I blip too. Here, this morning, I pause. I wonder, is it possible to live life on the edge of expectation of life, of good things, of finding oneself? That is what I strive for now.

Blessings on your heads, each and every one of you!