Hello. How are you? Wet day here in the UK. Cold too. Day off for many too. Bugger. Still, no man eating dinosaurs so I guess on balance we can all feel better.

Journal. What a word. What a thing. To keep a record of time. Your time, or more to the point your understanding of your time. Our blabberings, meanderings, stella insights into life’s great imponderables, we can cover them all off in our journals and the truth is if there was one magic way to capture all the truths being delivered on pages across our globe – imagine that beautiful and poetic piece of literature. Think i may write a book about that……

I write listening to Alexi Murdoch as a I write, his beautiful wandering voice, and I am thankful. The truth is i have been working extraordinarily hard at work and I have been a little tired / quite tired and yet a dear blip friend said this morning I am so optimistic. I am me. That is all I can be, and yet yes, I recognise in myself a leaning towards being optimistic and for that I am grateful. I hope i can spill out some goodness through my blabberings and that you, my precious fellows, can just be happy to be. 

As I write several Mansfield Town Football Club fans walk by the front garden, disconsolate and down and very wet. Their team have just lost a big game. It matters, it really does. And yet…… man eating dinosaurs and all that. It’s funny because watching sport used to mean a lot more to me – my beloved Tottenham Hotspur – but not so much now. Playing mind – I remain rather unsavoury. Somehow though as blip and blog around my writing has taken over my head – sport seems more fun in watching it than tense. I like that.

Now I must tell you that a man has just walked by the front garden with a hound that was literally up to his chest. I have met the dog actually up close. Huge. Maybe man eating dinosaurs are making a comeback……

Put your arms around your shoulders and give yourself a hug. There. That’s better.