I found it really interesting talking to many people and reading many blogs and blips around New Year and how many people thought 2011 was bad so 2012 would be good and vice versa. Why? Ying yang maybe? Funny too that a football manager was saying he never believed in the balancing out of things but now he is beginning too! Why?

A friend asked me the other day about my views on the unseen forces all around us and how they can help us or knock us off course. We talked about the lot – devils / angels / darkness / light – the whole caboodle! My views are not relevant to this blog. I will simply say that my finite knowledge on what is and is not out there is clearly very small. Just look at nature to understand how big the world actually is and how amazing. So do I accept there is more to life than what I see. Yes, of course.

However this idea that things will level out because something else did not I cannot accept. I have seen too much awfulness for one person to see that this is a truth. It is not. So do I believe in luck? Yes, to an extent, but I also know what I do has a huge impact in what happens. I do have some control in what is around me, what I do, what I say. If I can make that as good as I can, then I have every chance of facing my world with positivity and making something good happen. Equally if my intent is to screw people and I am very good at it – then guess what – I will be able to do that too.

OAH is littered with examples of this. The power of the human mind over their surroundings and the people they interact with for good and for bad.

I was really touched by the many messages of love and support and care and good wishes I have had for 2012 through many mediums and by that I don’t mean Mediums!!!! Although some of my blippers and bloggers may well practice this and many other interesting persuits! There is one resounding message and that is whatever awaits me in 2012, I go into it with the support of many and I do so with the knowledge that I want to impact for good.

To you and yours!