So there I am, last night at around the 6pm mark, in the bath. Urgh you say – the bath – too much information. Well, I was in the bath but for the purposes of ‘the moment’ I could have been anywhere in the house so if you prefer I am on the couch, and I am just reading a book called Pnin. It’s wonderful and poor old Pnin is getting into more situations that seem to take him down and down (he is not one of life’s fortunate souls) but he faces them with such stoic qualities that make him all the more loveable. He is Pooh like if you get my drift.

Anyhow I have the i-pod on downstairs playing out quite loudly as we get ready to go out to celebrate the business I have been running which is 10 years old to the day. Quite an achievement I will have you know given that 4 of these years have been in recession and that I am in finance – not the greatest industry over the last few years….. I digress. I am in the bath (urgh etc) when a tune gently begins to rise upstairs. It is beautiful and it stops me reading. I need to hear this. The tune is the introduction from Brad Mehldau’s album ‘Live in Tokyo.’ As I listen to the stunning piano work, I find myself gently running my finger along the RNLI mug handle that is holding my sweet tea. The sound echoes around the bath (urgh etc) and just seems to blend in seamlessly. I am lost in a world of my own. 

It only lasts for a few minutes and with my i-pod on total tunes shuffle a new song blasts the stillness away which is fine as I am late and need to get out of the bath and throw on some glad rags. Yet all night and even now, later on this Sunday morning, I am stilled by that moment in time. 

Enjoy your day and as ever thankyou so much for reading this blog.