read more!!!! incredibly touched by two pieces on blip today where people have quoted poets. How many times are you moved to realise how little you actually know – or is it just me? I know so little! I am not quite totally stupid – but I think i veer more to that side…..

Isn’t it though truly amazing when you begin to look outside of your box, your world, how much is truly out there. I think too it gives great perspective. I mean – in my business world there are as many reasons to be cheerful as there are to be miserable. And then you look out, out into the wide eyes  of the depths of humanity, into the unfathomable and undeniable great slate of nature, you catch a glimpse, just a glimpse of the stars, and you realise, you really do realise, that you can join me – one of the stupid ones!  

It’s rather like looking at a photo. You can look at the focal point and see that quite easily, and yet, my God, and yet – look at the unfocussed, look at what is in the background, look at the small stuff – and see the huge big picture just waiting to bite off your ass! I guess it is, in essence, 3D!

Yesterday I had a day of Christmas festivities and it was mighty fine. I learnt that my team are happy and willing to know more, despite the rigours and hardships we face in this downturn. That is pretty special and I would take that, people willing to pull together for the greater good. It gives me hope.

We build and we move, onwards, a far greater walk than standing still or going backwards. Given how cold it is today – the last two options would be suicide.

Have a fine day. Look to the stars. Know you are loved. Smile. Be.