Yesterday was pretty mind blowing when the dead got answers that they thought would be lost forever. I wonder if you’ve ever felt the fear that sweeps through your body when you feel crushed? In the late 70’s at a huge game when Liverpool came to play Forest I felt a mixture of fear and panic as my young body was lifted off its feet as the crowd grew and moved. My brother was with me and I kind of felt that made me safe but what if they’d let more people in behind me? What if they’d let far too many people in behind me that I fell to the ground under people’s feet as they panicked and pushed only to find there was no room to breathe? This was the truth of Hillsborough. 

I have read the incredible account by David Conn in today’s Guardian and if it’s truth that you’re after then this is a must read. The fact that such tragedy has been bound in legal battles as the families fought for the truth for the dead is one if the many desperately sad parts of this. People died. The living also died. All there lost something that day. For those who sort to blame innocent others, who have since sort to blemish the Livrpool people, well they lost some humanity. 

Life is precious. Aspiring to watch your footballing heroes should not have led to appalling lapses of judgement by those there to care for our safety. The fact that the same authoritarian brutality that battered the mining community now  showed astonishing disregard to these football fans is beyond astounding. Add to this the insults by The Sun and later politicians such as Boris Johnson and you begin to realise this was as much about a battle fur the truth as it was one of ideology. Disgusting. 

Hopefully yesterday’s justice was the start of something better for our society.