Today I read with great sadness that a priceless Barbara Hepworth piece had been stolen from a London Park for, it appears, scrap metal. I am rarely lost for words but today, reading this news, I found myself just staring out of the window into a busy street of shoppers and looking through them, seeing nothing but a blur. How can our society act so mindlessly? And yet, it does.

For anyone who has seen and maybe even touched a piece by Hepworth, you will know the pieces are all about form and flow. There is something very primitive and spiritual about them. I would very much recommend to anyone to go to the Yorkshire Scuplture Park and see the most amazing ‘The Family of Man,’ one of her last major works and one I could spend, and have spent, hours with!

I guess what we create, we cannot know how long it will live for. In OAH Edith produces the beautiful art in her own style that sells acround the globe but, and crucially, this is the art that all see. Think Hepworth. Think Renoir.

But what about that piece of beauty you created today in the ether, the world within which you live. It could have simply been a few words that you uttered, a simple line you delivered, but the beauty of which, the power of which, will live and live. 

Hepworth’s ‘Two Forms (Divided Circle)’ has been stolen. Hopefully it will be returned. It’s beauty though that has touched people throughout the years and the effect this had can never be stolen. This beauty has already been shared and stored, and there it will rest for all time, a treasure, a blessing.

Your beauty, your art, yourself. It is a lasting testament to you and will be remembered as long as. And that, dear blog pals, is long enough and we the people will not be cheated.