Morning all.

Last night in order to join in with various UK revelry activities, CC & I decided to get in the spirit and eat outside and drink alcohol for fun….. 2 issues worked against us. Firstly it was remarkably cold, & I do mean cold. No worries there though – just pile the layers on plus we would light our clay fire thingy. Then, just as the pizza’s shouted ‘we are ready, please eat us’ the rain came in bucketloads, bouncing off the floor and the poor chiminea as if to say you dare light up and we will have you!
So there we were, huddled in the house with the french doors swung bravely open, cuddled on our chairs with a crap radio station on playing old music to add to the giggle factor, rain dripping down the open doors and the paper I had placed in the fire getting wet through.

Eventually, just as the pizza had disappeared down our necks, the rain stopped and I lit the fire. It took awhile but the end results were spectacular (see below) causing smoke to fill the sky and the house leaving even this morning a ‘hint of fire’ aroma which I am thinking of marketing by the way if you wish to buy it……

At this stage in our festivities various drinks had been consumed and the warmth from the fire was freeing our aching bones. Fortunately all our neighbours are away so we were not too concerned about the smoke that now filled the night sky. We decided at this point to have garden Olympics only to return hours  minutes later to find the fire had nearly gone out. Inside we went, crestfallen with the loss of our warm friend, yet enlivened by our festivities and the fact that we could finally turn off that blasted radio station that kept playing as many adverts as tunes from the 60’s……

I now enclose a shot of said fire. It was, surprisingly, spectacular / scary / a little warm…..

Enjoy your day and keep your pecker up.