It’s Christmas Day in the UK – 4pm in the afternoon and far too warm! Where’s the snow! Still – mustn’t grumble. We just had a most pleasant walk, bumping into some fine old friends and just feeling very lucky to be alive. What else is there? 

Today, I guess, above all other times is a time to consider the gift of family. Even Robert in OAH could not get away from the concept of family. It moved him in a way that was no doubt foreign to him in so many other parts of his life but his children, his two children, were the only two people who meant so much to him. As did his mother. Not so his father. Families are amazing and yet there is no God given right for these relationships to be crystal clear, utopia like. Rather they have the added advantage of a blood tie and that gives them a better chance of lasting. 3 out of 4 for Robert was therefore not too bad at all!

I think one of my weaknesses is giving in on people when I think they can find happiness somewhere else. This is, I think, a strength if the relationship should finish, but clearly it is a weakness if I walk away from something fine because I gave in too early. Family usurps this rule because the many gatherings that a family automatically attend together, means walking away from family is going to be hard to do. I think this underlines a great truth to me. Longevity of a relationship is truly precious. It may change in how it looks, but keeping a relationship alive, to see the depth to which it can go no matter the twists and turns along the way, will allow true depth of beauty to occur.

So, to families! I salute the power of the depth of relationship this can help create. On this day, this special day, this is a fine aim to strive for.

Happy Christmas one and all! Ho, Ho, Ho!