Fabness! How can you be it, enjoy it & get it! I think you need to understand that your Fabness is intrinsically linked to where you are plugged in. If you plug into a negative energy source it simply does not follow that the same juice of glorious Fabness that you want to exhale will follow in the purest form. It will be inevitably tainted by the grey of negativity. 

To understand this you only have to look at the Fab Four! It’s not that their work deteriorated when the negative energy started to flow though make no mistake it was affected badly in parts. Think the move away from both George’s for a start! It did mean though that the inevitable break up would follow. Imagine if they’d been able to stay together? The Beatles writing songs through the funky folky 70’s. There’s a thought. 

Fabness is a state of mind. It completes you as a person allowing you to reach the true peak of your potential. Drabness is the opposite, robbing you of your superpower of wonderment, making you less than you could be.

So, what is it in your life that leads you to be the best you can be and what is it that is the opposite. It’s time to get out the brush, get rid of the old dead wood, and bring in the most fabulous version of you that is possible. Find your perfect energy source and start to fly with Fabness!