The country is divided. There are many who wish to stay in and it would appear, after recent polls, (that’s polls, not Poles for the Brexit reader) just as many wish to opt out of being members of the European Union. 

The Yes vote is being hampered by a less than enthusiastic yes as highlighted by an honest and frank assessment by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier this week. This I think is the yes vote main Achilles heel in that it is obvious that staying in makes sense on so many levels, but at the same the we can all plainly see the many issues that being a member creates. It’s like we all want to keep our lovely old motor, but you can’t deny its got a little rust, a dodgy tire and a radiator with a cough. Yes, staying in Europe means keeping the VW Camper Van! 

Swing right, and in many cases severely right, to the leave campaign and we keep being presented with the bright shiny new car with no issues at all! Sounds marvellous until you realise that it won’t be coming with any form of guarantee. This is not relegation from the Premier League and therefore there are no parachute payments nor the ability to vote ourselves back in next season. The plain truth is that sailing into the unknown with many of those leading the leave campaign is asking for trouble. 

My main steer is indeed to look at those saying yes to stay versus those looking to say no. Imagine you’re at school and you’re looking for a university place and you go to meet the board of each establishment. Which one do you choose? The leave vote has many leaders who are not my natural port of call for guidance. Those leading the stay vote certainly draw and therefore convince me to stay. 

I’m not voting to stay in the European Union because I want to line the pockets of anyone or that I want to open our borders to everyone. I’m voting to stay in because I believe our country is safer here with its multi national approach and arms round our brothers and sisters in Europe. I have many of the reservations the leave campaigners have but crucially I don’t believe in us standing alone and isolated. 

The world remains a beautiful place laced with poison. You look across the pond at the US campaign and cringe at its jingoistic rhetoric. I do not wish to see British politics be delivered into the hands of those who seek to turn back the clock to some former colonial power status that was ultimately flawed and dangerous. Rather I would have us stay in Europe with a loud and clear voice that joins with our European family to be a better, safer place. 

Finally the leave campaign keeps banging on about how much it costs to be part of the European Union. Its figures are inaccurate but even so I would make the simple point that if you have something worth having, you invest in it. Of course being part of the European Union costs money! It’s an investment in our jobs, our security, our infrastructure, our growth! 

I’m not saying a leave vote will be a disaster. I am saying it just does not feel like a good time to be making such a huge change. You can sense that I’m not 100% convinced we should stay in but I am far more sure that should stay than go.