Iceland. Here’s a few facts for you:

Iceland is voting in a presidential election which a historian with no experience of public office is favourite to be win. Gudni Johannesson is expected to replace Olafur Ragnar Grímsson, who has held the office since 1996. Olafur is also a vegetarian delicacy… 

Some 10% of Iceland’s population is thought to be in France watching the country’s footballers at Euro 2016. The play in blue due to this matching the colour of their skins throughout their freeze your bollocks off winters. 

Religion – Church of Iceland. A current outreach programme in the UK met significant progress when it started using the shops with lots of freezers bearing the same name. 

Population is only 333K. This compares to the UK’s 64 Million which according to the UK Leave Campaign battle bus is way out. They put the figure at 94 Million & state when they remove the 30 Million that are here hiding in the woods they promise to invest the same sum in the NHS. A promise, Mr Farage, is a promise. 

They use the Icelandic Krona. Who doesn’t. 

It’s the most sparsely populated country in Europe which means they will never find the bodies…

It is one the worlds leading ‘green’ countries. Rumours suggest they even catch the energy of Icelandic trumps to drive their cars for free which is why the country is also the top country in the world in beans eaten per person. 

It has no army although it does have several chaps with large muscles. They are all called Hermann. 

They are pretty wealthy per person ranking it 14th in the per person wealthy stakes. They were top in 2008 until the financial crisis wiped out their banks. Bloody banks…

It is not a member of the EU with its population firmly against such a move making it have something in common with Barnsley. 

This is the first time Iceland have qualified for the Euro’s which is pretty wonderful news. It is a well known fact that all their players have amusing names designed to make you giggle whilst trying to play against them. The current crop of players have particularly hilarious names which is why they have been able to qualify for their first major finals. 

Score line prediction is 3-1 to England based on nothing other than a whim.