Listening to Spooky by the great DS. Outstanding. This word (outstanding) is also my new favourite word since watching a film with marines in it. Outstanding. My new pants – outstanding. and so on……

There is something wonderfully liberating about typing later at night and pressing send for the words to fire into the world wide web. I love it. Even better to do this whilst having my iphone on all songs and then on shuffle. Liberating to be away from a playlist and to be left constantly surprised by the songs I have placed on my list. Kate Rusby now rings out with her clear call of beauty, her music steeped in the lines of time. 

I do hope that your week has gone well and that no matter how low the railings you may have had to crawl through, that also there have been hot air balloon moments to light up your way and allow you to soar high in the clouds. As weekend arrives here in the UK a cold blast of arctic air has arrived with it, and I therefore type now with a warming hat on. It is a fine hat, dark blue and woolen, nice and long with a wonderful fluffy bobble on the end that as I shake my head around sees the bobble bang around my now rather warm head. If only my feet weren’t bare…….

Tonight my good pal Martin came round to chat through the new website for me and OAH. The ideas that flowed were pleasantly from a similar set of ideals and values so I very much hope we can give you something in a month or two to enjoy. I wanted you to be able to go onto the site and leave feeling better just for being there.

I also have news on the book launch venue. I won’t yet be saying where, but I can confirm it will be in Nottingham and it is very funky! Just like my hat.

My message to you all this night is to buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel something. Warmth, humour, laughter, taller in spirit. Something and something that for you is good.

I am delighted to confirm that the great Frank Sinatra is now singing ‘It had to be you,’ his perfect voice of clarion beauty drifting across the room and gently caressing my ears. Yummy.

Much love, hugs, kisses and thumbs up to you all.