On blip tonight a fine gentleman posted a picture from the beautiful Brazilian Copacabana beach, tanned bodies aplenty, perfect blue sky and golden sands. Looked alright……..

Out of my window tonight I see nothing due to a black, black night that is releasing a storm of fairly desperate proportions. I had to push the back gate open against the wind when I got home – it was almost comical. Almost. The rain blasting into my face with the force of a water jet took the humour away……

Where do you dream to be? What do you think of, aspire towards, tuck into your brains ‘need to do’ section? It’s good to dream, to believe that a new day will come, a bright day, a happy day.

This force for hope runs through the pages of OAH, at least that was the intention. I was trying to get over man’s humanity, that no matter how dark matters were, or they felt they were, there was enough hope to fight for another day. How else would the various people who have to deal with Robert put up with him?!

I’m listening to a fabulous piece of music called ‘Cruisin’ by Can 7. Happy latin beat music to make me smile. Perfect for thinking of that beach in Brazil and how I should most definitely be sat there now, cute cheeks stretched out at my side in a rather fetching 2 piece (black I think), my cool cool Mojito in my right hand, i-pod ear pieces in as I listen to the new track ‘Lion’ by Eugene McGuinness and smile a huge big gigantic smile……..!!! 


It’s the future.