Morning Campers!

I’m trying to write my new book at the moment (The Birthday Gift) and do the final read on On Ashover Hill so we can get this published, but I keep getting distracted by my work – the old day job that is actually an all week and night head space job. I do love my work and am thankful for it, but it does distract so from my writing!

Over the years I have had a few magical moments when my laptop has been set up and I have written, gone for a walk and come back and written, chilled some more with surfing, then written, had a fine dinner and some other things, then written. You get the picture. An easy ride to write.

I wonder though if that was my actual every day life, would eventually my writing suffer? What would I know of the reality fo life? Would this cut off from it make my writing less realistic, less cutting edge, less real? I think sabbatical is the answer! 

It is interesting though that there is a self destruct button in our heads that says I do not have the time to do this so I won’t try. So this morning, this cold and yet very lovely looking morning that I will soon be taking a turn in, I encourage you to try. Spend 30 minutes a day in front of your dream. See if you can move it forward. You may just be surprised with what you come up with.

OAH was born out of a labour of love. It took years. It therefore means the world to me and had it been easier to write, I doubt it would mean the same.

To you, my fine blog friends, I salute you! Live your dreams. They await you.