10 Albums that changed my life

Definitely Maybe by Oasis

My fourth choice. In 1994 we were hit by the hurricane that was Definitely Maybe. All these years on its hard to convey just how important this album was to so many people, not least of which because the Gallagher boys turned the band into a circus. Back then though when they and we thought they might just live forever, we all dared to sing their snarling anthems to the tops of our voices in every club and pub we could.

It was also the album that inspired Steve, Nigel and I to invest our lives into our band, Wide Eyed Wonder, and I base my third book (Being in a Band & out later this year) around this relationship we had with this album.

Definitely Maybe is a record that snarls. It’s a dirty, brash album that stuck two fingers up at the world within which the Gallaghers has grown up and we, the people, took on its energy to add our own two fingered salute.

Within 2 years Oasis proved themselves to be the UK’s biggest band ever at Knebworth.

The truth is however nothing would ever match the magic of their finest album, Definitely Maybe.