I’m in Birmingham and it is, as it normally is here, cloudy and brooding.

I’ve just blipped & the contrast to yesterday’s brightbeauty could not be more marked. Amazing.

I have posted a short piece on my blip so will reproduce it below for you. I feel words are just flowing put of me at the moment, possibly a result of me finally moving towards publish of OAH, but more I think out of a response of an inner voice calling me to write. Is this a response to pressures at work, the general busyness of my life? Probably. Whatever – I am thankful.

Here’s to the sun returning tomorrow.

PS if spelling etc poor – please forgive me. Have done this on my iPhone & can’t check it!

Wednesday 18 January 2012: Cityscape

I think on brooding horizons
As the sky,
Dark and menacing,
reaches its arms around me.

Did I ever reach so far
That I could stretch no further,
Push so hard
That I strained with the very effort?

Look at what we have become
And ask what is left
To sooth the heart
Of a travelling troubadour.

Light against light
Cascades my inner desire
To fly
Out there

And I lean into my window,
The numbing cold of it
Pressing hard against my forehead
And soothing my soul.

19th floor