‘The spring has sprung
the grass is riz
i wonder where
them birdies is.’

A fine day. Spring has truly arrived and to celebrate this fine news I cut the front garden with my noisy mower and finished it off with my teeth. (only part of the is true).

Something of the richness of a green carpet surrounded by plants and the noise of nature truly supplements my soul like the most expensive of daily supplement tablets. In fact if I could tablet the feeling I get from being in the garden I would be ‘wadded.’ A local phrase for having a rather a lot of readies. A local phrase for that thing we call cash.

What is richness in life? When I was growing up I became accustomed to knowing how well one was doing by the phrase ‘Now yer woking down Crownie!’ This phrase referred to the coal face workers at the Crown Farm Pit who were lucky enough to be earning about as much cash as it was possible to earn in our area. I was working in a bank at the time and you saw these boys coming, parking outside the branch on double yellows without a care in the world, their shiny Ford Capri’s would be untouched by respectful traffic wardens. These boys were the bravest of lads and deserved their money, and boy what money! 

Now, 25 years on, what have we learnt? That local coal mining is dead and many poor coal workers contracted dreadful illnesses from dust and materials and you ask, what is richness?

When I wander in nature I am rewarded twice fold and it is free. 

Nothing else really matters.

As I write bizarrely and magnificently a horse and cart goes by my window, dream like in motion with a few bemused motorists in tow. Now a huge smile fills my face. That too is richness personified and amplified.