We are in Port Isaac (Cornwall UK) and I am reconnecting the dots of my past to my present in order that I might more positively move into my future.

Our Nige (my big brother who I also call Keith) and I first came here 28 years ago to a hot summer where we surfed and walked and drank and made new friends and I thought life could not get any better. In some ways I was right. Those new finds in your youth are so unique, so fresh, so all encompassingly awesome that you could be forgiven that this is it. In fact though I have found that you can still have these moments into any age. I make new friends, have new connections, see new things that stop me dead and take me to that moment in my life time and time again. Is this eternal youth? If it is, I want it. 

Last night I walked out in the darkness of the night under the North Cornish sky and the stars shone brighter than at home and I was amazed. I had a moment staring at Venus and Jupiter thinking how amazing the universe is when I turned to a huge waning moon that took my breath away. The sky was painted in pure form last night with brushstrokes of the highest quality. 

I now type this surrounded by my brother and sisters and their families, CC & MCC by my side, my favourite radio show (Cerys Matthews on BBC6) playing blue grass and I know I am connecting dots.