This morning I took the early waking of Flora mixed with a rasping cough to be sign enough that it was time to get up and work on OAH. With the publisher telling me to pull my finger out, a final in depth review of the book is a necessity and I am delighted to confirm I have at least spelt my name correctly and in the right order. No spell check was required for this. No siree……

How do you balance the weight of words? How to put in place a sentence that adds up to the perfect sum of its parts? It is not easy and is totally destroyed by the thinking of it. Rather let the dice roll and the words will flow out to be what they will be. A later check is the way forward and this is where I am now. Well, in truth, I have been for some time doing lots of checks on the original wording that in the main is untouched, just painted up a little. A little bit like me before going out!

I write listening to the Bombay Bicycle Boys. Swimming, mind bending music. It too takes my mind and paints it a little. I like that.

We, who we are, are objects of ourselves, what we have allowed our surroundings to make us. A book, and indeed this book, OAH, is exactly the same. It will be, when published, what I have allowed it to become. Through fate, through experience, through texture and through effect. It will then, released by me into the world, take on its own life and affect each and every one who reads it in a different way. The book that left me will find its way to you and be what it will be. A fascinating thought and an amazing journey. 

So, it’s 6.30am and Chapter 6 awaits. It tells you of a young Angus and how he saved the life of his best friend, Robert. I shall check it now with a cup of hot sweet tea.

As it should be.

Have a fine day.