In today’s top & exciting news the legend that is Carol Kirkwood did the BBC weather report in breakfast in front of a stormy Staithes scene. Now some of you may not be familiar with our Carol and this is indeed your loss. I am convinced I am related to her in some way or other as we have the same ears…
The weather decided to give me a small window this morning to walk the over eager (…) hound prior to us leaving. I always take a piece of Staithes away with me whenever I leave her. This time it will be a hacking cough… I left the cottage determined to find Carol Kirkwood. 

We have not yet seen torrential rain which, after yesterday’s blessed downpours, is a good thing. I walked past several glum fated holiday folk this morning in my deerstalker wrapped tightly round my erstwhile warm neck and offered a cheery hello. The responses I have to say were mixed. 

Now safely back at the cottage and looking at pictures of sunshine on my iPad, I think of the journey home through sheet motorway rain. You must remember though on those beautiful summer days and our gorgeous scenery that it is beautifully green for a reason!