Tonight is Book Club night at a local pub (as it should be) with pals (i like pals) many of whom helped me with reading OAH. We have read Pnin and we will discuss in the less than traditional book club way of not really discussing it at all. A quick chit chat around the words of ‘did you read it’ and ‘did you like it’ are followed a couple of hours of talking about life. It suits us just fine but i fully appreciate would drive other book club aficionado’s mad.

Sometimes when suffering from such things as limited sleep and the afore and previously mentioned nasty cough, you could easily pull out of attending such things as book club but for me that would be silly as I love seeing my pals and just generally being. Just being. I like that.

Making the mistake in sneaking a look at the news before blogging I am reminded that things like book club are as real as the news and in many cases far more applicable to me. It is keeping this reality to my life that keeps  me balanced and happy. Let’s face it – if my balance was based on the news I could only really accept that if my job was a newsreader!

In other news my blipping of late has had a tree leaning. It’s quite funny really and if you get chance do check it out. Trees have such character, such wonder, such a sense of history. Planting a tree is a wonderful moment. If you have never done this – do it! You feel like you are releasing life into the world!  

In news on OAH I can only report I am doing the final checks before going to my publisher and due to life this is taking longer than I had hoped. 

Thankyou for dropping by as ever!