10 Albums that changed my life

Blue by Joni Mitchell

My eight choice. California in 1971 and this sublime record eked out 35 minutes of folk bliss. When released it was well received but it has taken the years to truly appreciate the sheer perfection of this album.

In the late 90’s as I was discovering chill I was also falling into the California scene and being blown over by James Taylor, JD Souther, Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, Carol King, Joni and many more. It was a collection that just just kept giving. Imagine growing up musically in the middle of all this talent. This is exactly what Joni Mitchell did and on Blue it all just came together.

There are tunes on here that are truly beautiful and Joni’s voice climbs the scales so effortlessly.

This album also contains one of the greatest songs of all time – River. When I first heard it I cried. If it catches me out nowadays I will cry again.

Blue. Incredible.