Evening Campers!

I flew back into the UK today to be met with a temperature half of the one I have become accustomed to…. As a previous royal has said before – I was not amused.
Still the joys of getting home to our dear little 1 year old made any feelings of upset against the weather seem rather insignificant, though these feelings did sadly resurface when I found my bin on the street with the rubbish all over the pavement as a result of my 20 year old leaving it out there all week….. Picking up the rubbish by hand including a few over week old now nappie bags was not quite the glamour I had become accustomed to….. I was not amused, although, bizarrely and please don’t tell him, I did actually laugh. It was a dark humour laugh that quickly disappeared when my hand reached a dog poop bag that someone had kindly tossed next to my upturned bin. They obviously thought in for a penny, in for a pound. Dark thoughts crossed my mind at that point around where I would put that bag at that precise moment if said dog owner was to appear……

Life, for most of us, is filled with the joys and lows that make us who we are. One moment can see us celebrating the joys of some fabulous break, the next see us grappling with a bag of something we would rather not deal with at all. This is life. What we do with these things, the balance that we make of it, will affect our very mental health and the joy with which we live our life. We can, in short, life with a burden of crap or the release of joy.

Life for some though leaves no choice. I feel I cannot write my blog tonight without going back to the continuing horrendous news items coming out of Syria. I have been without a newspaper for the last week and caught up on the plane. My God! The appalling events that saw little children murdered should be the reason that the UN takes some sort of control. It has been too long. Nations should rule themselves, of course most of us believe this, but when a nation shows itself so brutal and so morally devoid, the international community surely has to step in. These stains will never be washed away, in this life and the next.

So, we pray for peace, love, joy and understanding. My upturned bin now takes its rightful place of total insignificance.

Spread some love today.