Morning Campers,

Earlier this week I went to Belfast to see a dear pal on business and pleasure. I had not been to Belfast before and it was amazing seeing a city I have grown up with on the news come to life before my eyes. The flight in was just wonderful down the Belfast Loch. Looking out of my window (I say my window – I mean I was sat next to it – for a moment it was mine) I gazed out in awe and the rocking wing as it struggled against the currents of the loch, a magnificent wind current visible as it shot off the end of the wing in a dazzled shape that flowed backwards for some distance. Wonderful and exhilarating. Of course I later learnt of flights in that just sounded rather terrifying with huge jumps up and down! Apparently I had it easy. 

My friend, Paul, lives in Bangor which caused quite a few people who saw my blip (a photo of the wing a reproduced below) to say how lovely that I was in Wales! This was of course another Bangor and a lovely harbour awaited. Photo of this on blipfoto. (Smile like a rabbit). We walked and talked for many hours and several miles and I was reminded of the power of just being there for one another. Life can be a solitary thing or exclusive thing and by that I mean you can be very isolated on your own or with just a very few confidants. I find, for me, that with a wider circle it helps me with perspective and for this I am very grateful. I tell you, if i had the time I would spend it talking people ears off!

I sit now in my study watching a deep orange glow begin to rise behind the house across the road. Yes, the sun is coming, its warmth and fire ready to open up my view of the world. 

So, to friends, new and old.