Morning Campers. I should start by saying that some of you will know this is from an old BBC comedy series. The phrase has stuck with me so sorry if you have thought I was just stuck on camping greetings. Makes me smile.

Last night I considered going to sleep (in bed I might add) when I thought I would just get around to doing a spot of back blipping – placing in photos on previous days when I had been unable to add a photo on my blip wall – the daily photo journal I keep. An hour later I was still at it (and the blipping……) and then far too early this morning (with the help of a far too awake baby) I was up again checking out my handiwork. I am hooked somewhat on this thing they call blip. I am not even a photographer……

What do you do that fills your mind, captivates you, takes you to places in your head that fulfills you, makes you feel alive? Is it something out of your comfort zone – i.e. not your norm – but rather a doing something that allows you to look into your world with fresh eyes?

The day sits before like a fresh canvas. I must now go and fill it.

Have a fine day.