The sky at last has cleared to leave an array of stars that most will miss as sleep has claimed its prey. A day of rain that earlier held me in its vertical grip as I struggled against it and its friend the wind on a hill here in North Cornwall has passed.

Now, with loved ones asleep, I listen to the sea driving endlessly against the shoreline of the cove below me. Earlier we looked at scattered black and whites (elbow – class) in an old smugglers inn that sits at the mouth of Port Gaverne and you were reminded that then was indeed another time when others were there before us. Those eyes stared out at me and I was very aware of their presence. I still am as I type this now. To me the sea is thing of fascination and inspiration. To them it was their life, holding life and death literally over their heads nearly every day of their lives. How they lived! 

And now, in 2012, how am I so different, how I have I evolved to where they were at? Those faces I swear told me not much has changed. Of course society has moved on, huge changes in how we live our lives, but at the very core of who we are, have we really made such gains? I am not so sure. Maybe, just maybe, in the search to step forward we forgot somewhat what we were about in the first place, that to live on the edge of existence is to truly understand what existence is about in the first place. 

And so to bed. To dreams of life to plug into my psyche and to tomorrow granting me life to inspire.