The Rolling Terror of the Beast

“And I saw a beast, a creature I could not name. And I shook with such fear that my teeth did tremble and my heart did pound as though it would escape through my very ribcage. And yet I did not move. I had no place to go though every reason to find one. Alas none would come to mind.
The beast, did reach me, leaned in close all snarl and bile, and though my very self did die a thousand times, still I stood firm.
The sun didst set and the moon didst rise and t’was a full moon of such beauty that shone that night that the beast did appear afire.
Yet still I did not move. I had no place to go.
And his jaws did open wide and I saw my end coming clearly towards me, my path now set firm, my heart set free.
At last to fly and know true bliss, terror no more to ensnare my soul.”
Big day today with me reaching 300 blip entries on the photo site I post on. This was my entry today though you fine people get it in full colour. Major moves forward this week on publication with the date now looming for OAH. Will update you all this weekend. Kisses all round.