Morning Campers,

How did you sleep or how was your day or how is lunch. (I know – brilliantly covering off the globe in one introduction. Takes some doing but I think i might just have pulled it off…….)

In my window are several objects including some very special photographs. Most are more recent but a few are ancient and one, of my now departed Grandad and Grandma on their wedding day will be around 80 years old. They stand in b&w with the only colour, pink, being added to the roses which Grandma holds, the flowers looking pretty and beautiful as they are held with pride because this bunch of flowers would have been a luxury to them. They stand in what looks like a back garden, Grandma’s dress allowing no flesh to be seen although her slippered feet are dangerously on show as they sink into the grass, half a smile on her face and her right hand laced through my Grandad’s left arm which is pulled upwards in letter D to allow her to rest there. Grandad stands tall above his new wife, his suit seeming far too tight, no doubt borrowed from a sibling or family friend for this fine occasion. He looks very cheeky and she looks as proud as a woman could possibly look. It is clearly a very special day.

Though I knew them many years after this fine event, I can recognise them quite clearly. This day was everything because without it, I would not be here. This ancient blood line and this historic moment is therefore a hugely important event for me, and it teaches me respect for my past and an understanding that what I do today will have repercussions that will echo through the ages and maybe, just maybe, such a moment will be caught on camera and replayed in 80 years from now by someone who is yet to be born………..

Yes the echos of our moments start now. Listen. Did you hear that?

I think the very fact that so many have trod before us means the idea that there hand is not upon us seem rather a lame one. I do not go a day without my Grandad in some form or other coming to my mind. For those of you new to OAH I would mention that he died nearly 30 years ago! His footprint and his hand stay with me. Is this just in my mind or is their something more physical about this? Whatever the answer, I love the moments. They help enormously and inspire me immensely. In fact as most of you know OAH was born out a love for my Grandad and hence the beginning of the book’s journey in Naples 1943 was part of Grandad’s journey in his life in WW2.

In your life will be these ancient memories. Some you will be aware of. Many you will not. You have exciting discoveries to make then! Enjoy your day!

Big love,



Mum, MCC & Dad