Where It All Began

“My grandad served in WW2 in Naples for over 7 years with only a week’s compassionate leave at home when one of his sisters died.”

Anthony Scott

My Story So Far

This is how most of my ideas start, with a thread. On Ashover Hill was my first published book. It stitches together memories of my Grandad in Naples and then connects through to another thread I had from a delightful village that is near to me called Ashover. The rest of the book then joined this to make a huge web of intrigue!

Over my life, I have spent so much time musing over things that have meant something to me and to date most of this was replayed in the 2 bands I was in, Wide Eyed Wonder in the 90’s and latterly Polaroyd.

However about 15 years ago I started to play with writing, a few poems, keeping more serious journals and starting a book. My first 2 books remain in the locker needing much work but 8 years ago ‘On Ashover Hill’ was born and I found it took me over. I still walk in places named in the book and I am walking there with characters that I have created. They mean that much to me.

Books for me are like babies. They are born and they take time to nurture. I was so excited that On Ashover Hill came out and had such an effect on so many of you.

I was thrilled to then release ‘The Birthday Gift.’ The book begins with a Grandad and the link to ‘On Ashover Hill’ is made right away. However unlike that book which covered 103 years, ‘The Birthday Gift’ action takes place in under a year. It has the same hallmarks as my first published book of a story written in fact and added to by my fiction. There’s also a link to a recent Hollywood blockbuster which amazed me when I saw it. I was pleased that many of you enjoyed it as much as ‘On Ashover Hill,’ and that this book found a new audience.

Now I release ‘Being in a Band.’ It’s semi-biographical, totally silly, and I hope you love it and that this book too finds a new audience.

Finally, I have a few ideas on the go for my next project and will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for dropping by.


Anthony x

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Pleasure & Passion

Sharing my words with you in a more direct form through the web site is a real pleasure for me and in particular, the journal and the blip mean a lot to me. You can see my photos on the blip gallery by clicking on the link above.

Published Works

Books by Anthony Scott

I am a writer. I guess this sort of begins to explain who I am and what I am. What comes out of me is an extension of this desire, this need, to immerse myself in words. To date, I have written three novels On Ashover Hill, The Birthday Gift and my latest book to be released is Being in a Band.

On Ashover Hill | Anthony Scott

On Ashover Hill

On Ashover Hill by Anthony Scott, travels across Europe, spanning generations of the McTeer family and the love, hurt, pain and redemption that follows.
The Birthday Gift | Anthony Scott

The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift, Anthony Scott’s emotionally gripping second novel with a story that sweeps through issues of love, of hope, of sorrow and of destiny.

Being In A Band | Anthony Scott

Being in a Band

Being in a Band captures the excitement around the time that Oasis punched their way on to the very top of the international musical globe. Buy Today.

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