After tonight’s extraordinary result seeing Wales beat the world number 2 team by a wide birth 3-1 result, you really would want to be in Aaron Ramsey’s boots in the Arsenal dressing room. He has bragging rights to last a season and maybe, if things can continue, a whole career! 

Watching the marauding Welsh was just brilliant. Their organisation was excellent but their finishing was world class. No tiredness for these guys… 

Then afterwards you watch and feel their joy as they celebrate with fabulous scenes of great joy with each other and with their fans. Prima donnas here? No, just a squad and staff of prima ballerinas making the perfect impact in a football championships with theatrical aplomb. 

I spent a few hours in the company of a group of people that included Aaron and his wife recently. They were both utterly lovely, no touch of the ‘aren’t I special!’ badge. Their team ethos is clear. It’s inspiring to watch. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this Wales team is built on a tragic event. They were very low and now look! 

Well done Wales. Did I mention that my Great Grandad is Welsh?