A week of high intensity for me with travel around the UK on various courses and meetings both on my own and with some of my team. Birmingham awaits today and with it a weather forecast of intense downpours which is always pleasant on the motorway……

It is an odd thing how major busyness can envelop you and take over and suppress some of the creative in you. I find the importance of finding some time, no matter how small, for self is as important as ever, to find the time to soar in the middle of a plain is very evident to my heart.

I look out to intense greens in the front garden – my word we have had some rain. The very mention of droughts and restrictions has been answered with some tons of water and then some. We are grateful and also amused, though running across a car park yesterday in a heavy downpour in my fine suit was a little wearing. 

I wonder, as the week reaches the weekend, whether we are set to soar this weekend or exist. The difference, the choice, is crucial. One will lead to the same old same old, and one will lead to new beginnings. Finding the door to open these new beginnings starts in you. I know this sounds awfully crappy but I have found it to be true. If I wait for me to change I will be waiting for a long time. If I challenge me, push new doors, try new things, then magically, things do change. 

I was reading earlier and my reading touched on several things. One of these was the unbelievable growth our nails go through……. One was that loneliness is on the increase. Quite incredible that our nails can keep growing but our friendships, our connections, can whither and die. Practically of course as we age, people move on, things change and people do die. Our ability to develop, to make new contacts, to build on what we have got, is key to our future well being. I write this and know these are areas I need to work on.

With that thought I am off to make some new pals and make contact with some old ones who have been missing for awhile.

Have a fine day.

Hugs and big juicy kisses.



PS – I was debating yesterday the top 3 bands ever. Mine are Teenage Fanclub, The Beatles and Radiohead.

The below album started it all and The Concept is just – ace!