and with it, the possibility, the hope, the dream, that this week, yes, this very week, could be extraordinary.

We carry our rucksacks, full of our hopes, our inspirations, our fears, our depression, our love, our hate, our prejudice, our dreams. 

I want to lay down my bag! I want to be new. To find me. To be the real me I dream to be – not the parody of me what I have become.

Is this a pipe dream, a vain hope that has no chance of achieveing reality? Am I destinded to have the same fence that holds me in now, hold me in forever?

Well, yes, if that is what I choose. Over my years of life I know this to be true – the chains that hold me down are the ones I have accepted. What better truth is there than this – that my surroundings are how I see them. If I see a prison – then it is a prison – if I see hope and life – then I have hope and life.

Christmas and New Year is a good time to revalue how we live our lives. Do we launch into 2012 with the same inbuilt prejudices to steer is forward, or do we strip it all back and start again? If we are brave enough to do so then maybe we can be happier, more fulfilled and more propelled than ever before.

I aim for this.

A new week beckons……