A Moon Shaped Pool shows Radiohead in a beaming light with a blissful lick of most of their past work and a lacing of new vibes. It has lots of really exciting production pieces with so much electronica happening all over the place, a sensuous surprise throughout the listen. 

If George Martin had produced a Radiohead this album, then this feels pretty close to where they would have got to. George somehow managed to get into the artistic mind of The Beatles and produce a sound much more than the sum of the simple tune. This is what ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ does. Nigel Godrich is an utter genius. We know this of course, but this album just underlines it 5,000 times! 

The undercurrent of a constant stream of something else about to happen in a song keeps you totally interested and puts to the sword most other music out there. This work is simply euphoric, soaring to the heavens and back as easily as the cosmic rays themself. 

Turn of note in a song is done no better than Radiohead. You listen to a song like ‘Present Taste,’ it’s delicious licks soothing your soul only then for a chord change to just make you wonder what’s around the corner after all. You can snuggle up to Radiohead, but you do so with an eye on the door. 

Then there’s the finale. Be prepared for a tune to simply destroy you, take your emotions out and wring your tears all over the floor. There is no other band that I have listened to that has been able to so utterly take me apart as Radiohead do. 

A classic record. An amazing band. An institution that makes our world better.