Morning campers. i awake to the mists of Swindon and for those of you who do know of this place – fear not – this detail is one you need never know about! The blessing for Swindon is that it is surrounded by the most beautiful and historic of lands with many a story to tell. You can feel it. As for Swindon…..

Anyway, I awake to a kindness that comes my way via my dear blip friends. I wrote a poem the other night and it sort of just came out and I shall reproduce it below and it has touched people in different ways. Being away from home, as I am, it is always especially wonderful to be able to be touched, to be warmed by the kindness of others. However had I not joined blip, found this site and put myself out there, I would never have awoken this morning to the kindness that was waiting for me. I think that is the point I just wanted to get over. Kindness, beauty, peace, is there for us all, but often we have to invest to be able to enjoy it. I know this is hard for all sorts of reasons but today dear blogger pal – be brave – in some small way – put yourself out there. You may just find that a kindness comes your way.


Taking a left
through Kippers Field,
a bird of fortune
upon she stealed.

‘Tarry with me’
she bid her friend,
who did just that
on a branch with no end.

‘I travel to Lorton Hall,’
Emily did say,
keen to share
her happy way.

‘There my lord
he waits for me,
his home, his heart,
my ecstasy.’

At this the bird shuffled
shaking his head,
the truth must be spoken,
the light must be said.

‘What dear bird
you must tell all,
for fortune I seek
at Lorton Hall.’

And so the bird
began his tale,
the air standing still
lest he fail.

And boldly he spoke
of other maidens fair and true,
who afore had trod
where Emily now flew.

The Master far
from gentleman,
had gathered ladies
on untruth wan

And Emily had
but minutes left
fore Lorton’s net
would twist and get.

The bird his tale
told full and true,
now flew away
his message through

And our lady stood
and tarried there,
her heart at Lorton
but her head nowhere.

Yet a’for she turned
to run and live,
the Master came
on horse so big.

t’was what she saw
and her head was lost,
her heart for sure.

And happy went
our fair princesses,
to the arms outstretched
in a lovers mess.

That moment be
the one to treasure,
for all was lost,
in life’s sorry measure.