I may have missed mentioning we just passed a milestone – the 100th blog post! Thankyou for reminding me of my memory lapse my fine blog pals. So – let us celebrate instead this day the 105th blog. I mean – 105th! Everyone should celebrate such a number. Maybe the Queen, or at least a queen, will send me a card by way of achievement recognition. I shall ready the top of the piano a space to place the card…..

This week is was in dark and brooding Birmingham – as mentioned – and whilst the room i stayed in was sooooo boring – the floor to roof windows were outstanding up on the 19th floor and overlooking the remarkably flat view. Birmingham has the most elaborate canal system and there is much to admire and see by way of design – if not by way of beauty. Still they have done much to reignite the city and the work around the canal in particular is mighty fine. New buildings to enhance the city whilst at the same time replicate its rich industrial history and that architectural feat cannot be easy.

And so I wonder this morning how we reinvent ourselves to keep us relevant or at least ready for the new times we find ourselves in. What new architecture has gone up in the life of Anthony Scott I wonder? Well – some has. No question. I have learnt to question less and accept more, concentrate less on me and more on what is around me. As a result I feel more part of the world and not an individual lost in the middle of it.

One of the first songs I ever wrote had the line ‘Life is a journey, we walk through may different paths’ and we do, don’t we. Here I am and looking back – my word – how many paths! So looking forwards there will no doubt be many new paths to take and as with any journey it will need me to be flexible and I will need new architecture to help me get the most from it.

So – the 105th blog. Who would have thought it? I am very happy to have reached this fine achievement. To the next 105. Thankyou as ever for reading. OAH will be with us very soon indeed. I promise!

Have a fine weekend.